Project Description

SPS.Info is a command-line data collection tool for SharePoint 2010. The tool extracts the farm configuration and content information and saves the results to an XML file.

The data collected by SPS.Info can be used for troubleshooting and auditing purposes.


SPS.Info collects the following SharePoint 2010 information:
  • Server Farm
  • Server Nodes
  • Server Specifications
  • Farm Services
  • Service Applications & Instances (BCS, MMS, SSS, UPS, Reporting, Search)
  • Service Application Proxy Groups
  • Site Subscriptions
  • Timer Job Definitions
  • Solutions
  • Feature Definitions
  • Web Content (Web Applications, Content Databases, Site Collections, Sites, Lists, Document Libraries)
  • Security (Site Administrators, Users, Groups, Roles, Role Assignments)
  • Managed Accounts
  • Health Reports

Additional Information

For system requirements, usage and revision history see the Documentation section.

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