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System Requirements

SPS.Info can be deployed on a server that has any of the following SharePoint products installed:
  • SharePoint Foundation 2010
  • SharePoint Server 2010
  • Project Server 2010
Note: The tool supports both standalone and server farm deployments.

User Account Requirements
  • The current user account must have administrative privileges on all SharePoint servers.
  • The current user account must have Full Control permission on the User Profile Service application.

  • Log in to a SharePoint server (WFE, App).
  • Extract the package into a new folder on the server.
  • Open command prompt in elevated mode.
  • Run SPS.Info.exe and provide output file name (SPS.Info <outputFilename.xml>).
    • Example: C:\SPS.Info\SPS.Info.exe FarmInformation.xml

Revision History

For complete revision history see the Revisions section.

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